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Grey Standard Slow Set Flexible Wall And Floor Tile Adhesive 20KG

Grey Standard Slow Set Flexible Wall And Floor Tile Adhesive 20KG

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TRADE Standard Set Flex is a specially-formulated, high grab, non-slip, polymer-modified, cement-based adhesive.

It is suitable for both thin and thick beds; interior and exterior, and floor and wall applications. Standard Set Flex is suitable for fixing most types of tiles including porcelain, natural stone and large format tiles. It is suitable for use in more demanding areas including with large format tiles and in swimming pools.

• Polymer Modified
• Up to 5hr Pot life
• Non-slip
• Grout after 18 hours
• BS EN 12004 Type C2TE


For fixing all types of ceramic floor and wall tiles, porcelain, mosaics, natural stone and similar wall and floor finished. Can also be used on timber panels, composite boards and impermeable surfaces and on backgrounds subject to limited movement, flexing or vibration and underfloor heating systems. This product is particularly ideal for use with porcelain and light coloured tiles (ones which may be subject to staining) as it will prevent trowel marks grinning through.

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